Recognized as Top Washington DC & Baltimore Web Developers by Research Firm Clutch

Orases has been recently highlighted as one of the top development companies in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area by Clutch, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Clients Say We Deliver on Clutch - OrasesOrases has been recently highlighted as one of the top development companies in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area by Clutch, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Clutch is a DC-based firm that identifies leading IT and Marketing companies that provide the best results for their clients. Through an innovative research process, they help start-ups, mid-market, and large enterprises find partners to meet their software needs. What makes this honor from Clutch noteworthy is that this list is built upon verified client interviews; it’s because of our clients that we are getting praise from top players in the industry.

One of the reviews that we are most excited about came from a nonprofit that provides services for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The executive director/CEO of the organization commented:

“I don’t believe that we would have been successful without our collaboration with Orases. When we transitioned into Targeted Case Management in 2013, we projected a workload analysis for what we thought the impact would be from the model change. We estimated an 8-million- dollar deficit, which was significant for us as a non-profit. During our first year in operation, we cut that down by 50% and got into the black by the third year of operation. We firmly believe that by working with Orases and developing our information management solution, we have been able to go from a structural deficit of about 1.6 million dollars to operating in the black.”

From designing software to improving the customer experience to creating new revenue streams (and everything in between), we at Orases strive to create innovative tools while showing our clients respect by listening to their needs and making each client a priority. A construction company in Baltimore, MD explains how we contributed to their success:

“Orases built a more robust site for our company. They looked at how our customers were searching for fences and interacting with the old site, then Orases made adjustments around this information. Orases put together a game plan aimed at increasing speed, both internally and for our customers. Orases was involved in the build from start to finish. It was more of a ground up approach because we had to abandon what we previously had. Orases worked with us on design, color palettes, and the overall arrangement of individual pages, focusing heavily on how customers were using the site.”

Top Washington DC & Baltimore Web Developers

You can learn more about Clutch and read the full-length client interviews on our Clutch profile.