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Connecting the nation’s electricians with the resources they need

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is the nation’s premier trade association representing more than 3,000 independent electrical and systems contractors in America. With over 50 chapters nationwide, IEC National aggressively works within the industry to establish a competitive environment, free enterprise, open competition, and economic opportunity for all.


Increasing security and telling IEC’s story

IEC’s original website was on a legacy Content Management System (CMS) that was hard to update and maintain, and wasn’t very secure. The site couldn’t accommodate varying levels of permissions for users, so all users had access to the entire backend of the site. IEC also wanted to monetize the website by selling banner ads, and needed it to tie into their Association Management Software (AMS). Most importantly, they needed a better way to tell the story of IEC and how it continually works for its members.


Streamlining processes and improving member benefits

In about six months, Orases developed a new website for IEC, complete with their 24Watch® CMS to make maintenance faster and easier. Now, members and instructors can easily log into the site to access articles, membership information, and other resources, and since the new site directly ties into IEC’s AMS, ACGI, the association employees can easily streamline their processes. The system was built to allow IEC to sell banner ads for the site, including an easy management system for the client. With Google Analytics to track website traffic and a continuing relationship with Orases to help with maintenance, the new website is exactly what IEC needed.


Serving the country’s electricians

The biggest measure of success for the IEC website was their members and sponsors telling them directly how good the site looks and how easy it is to use. The site has become a great resource for members to advance their education and career in the electrical field. It looks good, is easy to use, and tells the story of IEC, making the client and its members happy with the results.