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Orthocare Solutions Connects with Patients with Orases

Connecting patients with life-changing products

Orthocare Solutions offers patients the latest technology and advancements in treatment protocols for orthopedic and prosthetic needs. Treatments offered by Orthocare include 3D scanning, design, and 3D printing to fit the unique needs of each individual patient. Orthocare Solutions’ software system, 365™ Ortho, streamlines the ordering process for orthotic and prosthetic components and supplies. The software allows physicians to track the order from start to finish in one convenient location. Orthocare Solutions offers nationwide support for the software and can be customized based on each physician’s specific needs.


Creating a solution

Orthocare was looking for a Case Management System (CMS) for 365™ Ortho. They had the idea for the product, but needed a site that would manage the software solution. The site needed to connect a lot of various parts, including all stakeholders—Orthocare Solutions, physicians, and vendors—and needed to manage patient information, product and inventory, and allow for custom orders and vendor bidding. Additionally, since the site would store patient information, it needed to be HIPAA compliant to ensure security.


Streamlining the process for all stakeholders

Orases developed a unique CMS for 365™ Ortho, allowing physicians to oversee the orthotic and prosthetic process from start to finish. The HIPAA compliant solution allows clinicians to add patient information, assess the patient and enter the diagnosis, select required products for the patient, choose vendors, view pending purchases, and reach out to the patient to fit the device, close the order, and send invoices. From the vendor perspective, manufacturers can manage products, bid on and process orders, and track orders and payments using the CMS. Additionally, the system allows clinicians to custom order products to meet the unique needs of patients.


Bringing more products to more patients

This unique product solved a unique problem. The 365™ Ortho CMS is currently being used at the largest government hospital in the country, and has allowed the hospital to increase throughput by 70%, has streamlined the entire process, including billing, and has increased customer satisfaction tenfold by putting the entire process in one place. The products ordered through this system dramatically increase the quality of life of the patients, and to be able to bring more products to more patients is a huge success in itself.