Team Members with Orases

Bartley Motivates Team Members with Orases

Motivating employees through friendly competition.

The Bartley Corporation is a pioneer in concrete foundation construction. Working in both the residential and commercial landscapes, Bartley offers a complete turnkey concrete foundation package sought after by custom and production residential and commercial builders.


Developing a sturdy foundation

As a construction company with crews traveling throughout the D.C. Metro area, Bartley was looking for a way to track their employees’ work, while also motivating them to perform better and increase their opportunity to earn bonuses. They needed a product that would be usable by non-english speaking employees, and by employees who might not own computers or have access to them in the field. Ultimately, they needed a product to motivate their employees to perform better and reduce work-related injuries.


Employee efficiency

Orases worked with Bartley to develop an employee dashboard that would calculate each worker’s efficiency, and rate them against other employees. Efficiency was calculated based on injuries, jobs, sales, and labor return, and Orases worked very closely with Bartley to determine the algorithms needed to develop scores. The data used to calculate the information is pulled directly from their internal database, so there is no added workflow on their end. The dashboard is displayed in real-time on a tv at the company’s headquarters, so all employees can see the dashboard each day to determine where they rank against their fellow employees. The ranks are not used as punishment or for rewards, but are intended as a motivator and to encourage employees to work harder to improve their score.


Friendly competition

This internal product has proven to be an easy solution to Bartley’s problem. The dashboard gave them an easy-to-use process for overseeing their employees, while encouraging and motivating employees to avoid injuries, be efficient on job sites, and submit paperwork on time. The employee reaction so far has been positive, and the scores have risen since the product launched. This dashboard has longevity and can be used for years to come, but won’t require added work for employees.