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Automated work order planning, scheduling and execution for managing contract maintenance with Orases

Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc. (Jorgensen) provides facility and highway infrastructure, consulting, maintenance, and management services. The firm has developed leading edge consulting services and implemented contract maintenance services for hundreds of public and private infrastructure owners. They employ over 500 associates in over 30 locations around the world.


Refocusing JAMMS to core business processes

Jorgensen had an old Borland C++  legacy system that was becoming dated, difficult to support, and had strayed from the organization’s key management philosophies: planning, executing and controlling work activities. Jorgensen wanted to recapture these philosophies through the development and implementation of a new management tool – JAMMS 3.0 – in addition to having a modern cloud-based software product. The goal was to build JAMMS 3.0 in a modular way to allow for seamless integration with other core business processes, like human resources, inventory management and payroll processing integration.


Automating complex processes

The new JAMMS 3.0 powered by 24Watch® Business Suite enabled Jorgensen to rapidly understand and automate even the most complex processes. The open and configurable suite consists of solutions for work/service requests, customer service, work schedule and status, future work planning, inventory management, resource management, along with alerts to give the right information to the right people. Jorgensen has been successfully managing asset maintenance contracts for more than 50 years – JAMMS 3.0 takes those business philosophies and amplifies Jorgensen’s ability to iterate and innovate critical process capabilities – without forcing Jorgensen to change its processes and protocols.


A fundamental tool within JAMMS 3.0 is the mobile Android application used by the crew in the field. The mobile app was created specifically for Jorgensen field staff to focus on critical field work. The app is designed to help the team document their work while executing work orders, as well as view their scheduled tasks, apply time to daily work reports and activities, record accomplishments and ensure quality control on work orders. The app works offline and allows the crews to add data from anywhere regardless of cell or internet availability. Once the device is back online, the data entered will sync to the JAMMS system and be available in the admin area.


New Features:

  • Streamlined data, easier to use, faster, compatible with third-party systems

  • Data integrity and centralized database - no more duplicate records

  • Faster and simplified workflows for creating and executing work

  • Proactive work planning and scheduling

  • Faster and more accurate reporting

  • Ability to document and execute work offline via mobile app

  • Fully compliant with any required standards for privacy and security

  • Scalable and flexible enough to efficiently adapt for rapid business growth