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José Andrés Creates a Recipe for Success with Orases

Delivering content as delicious as his food

José Andrés is an internationally-recognized culinary innovator, author, educator, television personality, humanitarian, and chef/owner of ThinkFoodGroup. A pioneer of Spanish tapas in the United States, he is also known for his groundbreaking avant-garde cuisine. Andrés’ award-winning group of restaurants includes locations in Washington, D.C., Miami, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, as well as in Mexico City, his first location outside the United States. He is a committed advocate of food and hunger issues and is known for championing the role of chefs in the national debate on food policy.


Standing out from the crowd

José Andrés needed a website where fans could find more information about the chef and his restaurants and humanitarian efforts. As his first fan site, he wanted to make sure it was done right the first time. His main requirements were that it had a mobile friendly version, that it would have both an English and Spanish version, and that visitors to the site would be able to sign up for any of the chef’s many mailing lists. He also wanted his site to be as unique as his many restaurants are, and stand out from the millions of websites available today.


Appetizing content

With the success of the ThinkFoodGroup site fresh in mind, José Andrés wanted to continue the relationship with Orases and have them work on the new fan site. Upon visiting the site, users will notice the unique design that sets it apart. With neutral colors accented by bright greens and vivid food pictures, the site makes your mouth water. The website uses a Content Management System (CMS) so it can be easily updated, and a mobile version of the site allows fans to find out more about José on the go. Orases also took the translation of the site to the next level. Instead of creating an English version and relying on third party software to translate the text, José Andrés made sure that his site was different. Using the CMS, employees can enter all Spanish translated text to ensure accuracy and eliminate the need for a third party. Visitors can select Spanish or English and will be met with accurate translations either way. Other aspects of the fan site include a sign-up for email lists, recipes, news modules, a calendar that maps the landmark events in José’s career, as well as future events, and a community board the pulls content from various social media outlets based on keyword use.


Mouth-watering results

Once again, José Andrés was impressed with the Orases team and has chosen to continue to work with them as partners. Since launch, email submissions and social mentions have increased. Additionally, the Spanish version of the site is proving extremely useful for visitors, and we take pride in knowing that the content has been translated with extreme accuracy.