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K2M is a global medical device company focused on designing, developing, and commercializing innovative complex and minimally invasive spine technologies and techniques. Their products and processes are used by spine surgeons to treat some of the most difficult and challenging spinal pathologies in the world. K2M has leveraged its core competencies to create more than 350 issued and pending patents for patients suffering from degenerative spinal conditions. These technologies and techniques, in combination with a robust product pipeline, enable the company to favorably compete in the global spinal surgery market.


Improving communication

It was getting difficult for K2M employees to manage information dissemination to all of its varying publics—doctors, sales teams, and suppliers. They needed one central location where users could log in and find all of the information that they might need, including product sheets, training videos, and even a place where sales team members could sign up to learn more about a specific product through videos or conferences. They would have over a thousand people throughout the world using the site at any given time, so it needed to be able to handle large influxes of users, while still being secure. Most importantly, the site needed to be as reliable as K2M’s life-saving products.


Simplifying processes for complicated equipment

Orases developed an intranet for K2M’s salesforce. The intranet allows K2M to disseminate information to all of its internal audiences, without the information being published publicly. The system provides video vaults to watch informational videos on the products, conference abilities, events, and areas to sign up to learn more. A section for downloadable PDFs automatically informs users when PDFs have been updated to prevent outdated information from being passed around, an important feature when dealing with life saving medical equipment. Additionally, complex permission settings allow super users to set limitations on which users get to see which widgets, making security a key feature. The intranet also acts as a portal to K2M’s other systems, including their Client Relationship Management (CRM), Time Tracking, and Human Resources. This feature simplified formerly complicated processes and made logging in easier for users.


Reliability and stability

The K2M intranet has proven to be an extremely reliable resource for employees, doctors, sales teams, and suppliers. Management can rest easy knowing that all information is updated and secure, and doctors can easily present all the necessary information to patients. Sales have continued to grow since the intranet was introduced, meaning more lives are being saved by K2M’s innovative products.