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The National Football League (NFL) Foundation represents all 32 NFL teams to support athletes, youth, and the local communities they serve throughout the United States. The Foundation receives a set budget each year that they award through various grant programs like the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, the Don Shula NFL Coach of the Year Award, and a variety of youth football grants, high school honor roll grants, and more. Since 1973, over $368 million dollars has been contributed by the NFL Foundation, NFL Charities, and the NFL Youth Football Fund, for things like community athletic fields, support for athletic trainers in underserved schools, and many other important causes throughout the country.


Health and safety has always been a huge priority for the NFL, especially in their grants awarded to coaches or clinicians for youth football programs. With the large amount of money being awarded annually, and the increasing number of applicants across the country, it was important to the NFL that applicants could prove that they were qualified to coach in a safe and efficient manner. The NFL Foundation wanted to implement an educational aspect of the grant process that made it necessary for applicants to learn about coaching safety, with the ability to potentially introduce other courses down the line. Additionally, the program needed to work seamlessly with their current website and Grant Application Management System (GAMS), and it was important that the NFL employees have control over editing, changing, or adding content.


It was clear that the NFL Foundation needed some form of Learning Management System (LMS), but traditional systems wouldn’t integrate seamlessly with the Foundation’s current website. That’s where Orases came in. Orases developed their own 24Watch® LMS that could be integrated into the NFL’s existing site, or can be used on its own if necessary. The LMS allows NFL staff complete control over content, quizzes, and necessary passing scores. Applicants can log into the website, take the Coach Smart course entirely online, and complete a quiz to prove proficiency. The NFL staff can see their scores and make sure applicants have met their requirements before accepting the application or awarding them grant money. Quizzes are automatically created by the LMS from a pool of questions predetermined by the NFL employees, streamlining the process and saving the NFL Foundation employees time.

Site Specs

  • Custom Programming
  • 24Watch® Business Suite
  • Bootstrap Open Source
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • PHP
  • Responsive
  • MySQL


Through the NFL Foundation’s grant programs, thousands of youth across the country have been given the opportunity to learn the game of football, get physically fit, and stay involved in productive after-school activities with adult mentors. With the implementation of the NFL Foundation’s LMS, these participants have the opportunity to learn in a safe and inclusive environment, making the game even more fun.