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NFL Runs with Orases Technology

Finding the next Brett Favre

The NFL Punt, Pass & Kick (PPK) program is a national competition for young boys and girls across the United States to test their skills in a fun and engaging environment. Established in 1961, PPK is the oldest NFL Youth Football program, and with more than three million participants from around the country each year, it is one of the world’s largest youth sports participation programs as well. The program encourages kids to get involved in football at a young age and helps nurture lifelong fans, and potentially future NFL players like Dan Marino and Brett Favre, who both competed in PPK competitions when they were kids.


Simplifying processes and pushing it over the goal line

With a national competition as big as this one, processes need to be streamlined. The NFL needed a new interactive environment to help support PPK, and needed to reduce overhead costs associated with managing the program. They needed a place to organize registrations and distribute information about the events, but it also needed to be secure to protect the sensitive participant information.


An improved management system for a national competition

With highly specialized knowledge in backend management processes and efficiencies, Orases provided a custom Competition Management System (CMS) to help ease the workload for local competition hosts and site administrators. With the new CMS, hosts, coordinators, and NFL staff are able to create and manage the entire competition process, from creating new seasons and collecting registrations, to tracking competition results. Orases also added functionality to facilitate communication between event hosts and participants, keeping in mind the community spirit of the NFL’s PPK competition.

Additionally, to better serve all of PPK’s audiences, Orases developed a front-facing website with rich functionality. Visitors can now quickly search for local competitions based on their location or zip code, create secure personal profiles, submit participant registrations, or apply to host a local event. The new site also contains a database of all host and participant information, with different administrative levels for various users to protect the participants’ information.

Site Specs

  • Custom Programming
  • 24Watch® Business Suite
  • Bootstrap Open Source
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • PHP
  • Responsive
  • MySQL


Creating a digital experience as rich as the communities it serves

With the Orases agile methodology and the new Competition Management System, Orases was able to streamline the entire PPK program from start to finish, saving NFL employees time and money. The CMS has proven to be a useful tool for NFL employees, but has also made the process easier for participants, encouraging more youth across the country to participate.  Touchdown!