With Orases Technology

Academy90 Certifies with Orases Technology

Bringing security to a town near you

Academy90 (A90) is a division of Omniplex World Services Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of protective security services and personnel. A90 provides online training courses for the private security industry, as well as onsite hands-on training and credential management for certificate holders.


Streamlining processes

In order to manage all of the training that A90 offers, they needed a software product that would automate some of their processes. They specifically wanted to streamline the certification process, from the time someone logs into the site, to the time they become certified. It was also important that A90 was able to manage each person’s credentials and alert users when they needed to update a certification. The new product would save A90 staff members time and money, and would streamline the paper-based process.


A seamless integration for a secure industry

The first step in streamlining A90’s process was developing a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS allows users to securely register and complete online training for specific certifications, or alerts them when they need to take in-person training in a classroom or gun range. The system automatically generates unique quizzes based on a pool of preloaded questions, and immediately grades the quiz for accurate and up-to-date management. Most importantly, the LMS seamlessly connects to A90’s Credential Management System. This system generates recommendations for specific jobs based on the users’ credentials and alerts users when a certification needs to be updated.


Safety first

Academy90 has been successfully using these products for several years now. The LMS, along  with the Credential Management System, allows users to find jobs faster and more conveniently, the training has become 80% more efficient with the automated process, and A90 has been able to certify 33% more people than before the site launched. Most importantly, A90 is ensuring the security of people everywhere and takes pleasure in knowing that their users’ certifications are up-to-date and accurate.