NFL Flag Football


With Orases Technology

NFL Flag Football Runs with Orases Technology

Encouraging safe and friendly physical activity for kids

NFL Flag Football was created by USA Football to get kids safely playing football at an early age. Players benefit by being physically active through non-contact, continuous action, while learning the fundamentals of football, with lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. The national program allows kids to play in jerseys with NFL logos and draws over 1,000 leagues each year throughout the United States.


Streamlining processes and improving the game

The organization wanted a system that could streamline the entire process of a flag football season from start to finish. They wanted a place where commissioners could create leagues, coaches and officials could become certified, players could register, and NFL employees could manage the program. There were a few challenges with this project. The site had to comply with NFL standards, national and state laws, and had to have advanced security features to protect the participants. And as for the timeline? Everything had to be completed in less than a year!


Automating systems to encourage communication

In order to streamline the entire NFL Flag Football process, Orases developed a Governing Body League Management System (GBLMS). This was the first NFL system to streamline the process. It acts as a one-stop-shop for everyone involved—commissioners, coaches, players, and officials. Commissioners can create leagues and assign coaches, coaches and officials can get certified in safety, coaching, and officiating using the Learning Management System (LMS), and players can register for a team. Additionally, the site automates communication between commissioners, coaches, participants, and officials. So when a commissioner forms a team, coaches and players receive automated emails, and when coaches set practice times, players are informed. This makes the entire program user-friendly, and encourages open communication between everyone involved.


Grabbing flags and taking names

NFL Flag Football continues to be a major success each year. The website acts as the primary piece for the program and was able to meet all of USA Football’s needs and the NFL’s standards. Orases was able to complete the project within the allotted timeline, and with COPPA and PCI compliance, the site is safe and secure, protecting the youth who register.