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Streamlining and personalizing patient care

Service Coordination Inc. (SCI) is a nonprofit organization providing quality case management services for people with disabilities, veterans, and other groups. SCI helps nearly 12,000 individuals in the state of Maryland understand their choices and connects them to resources within their communities in ways that respect their dignity and rights. In order to provide the best quality of care possible, SCI builds lasting relationships with clients and partners.


Improving patient care

SCI wanted to build an integrated information management system that would support all aspects of the organization. The majority of the SCI team consists of a mobile workforce, so coordinators and case managers use laptops, cell phones, printers, and scanners for their out-of-office community work. They needed a solution that would work smoothly when they are out in the field. From a leadership perspective, SCI needed a system that would manage security, time tracking, and patient notes, and most importantly, it had to work in tandem with the state system. Additionally, all of the information that currently lived on the legacy system—employee records, patient notes, time tracking—needed to be brought over to the new system without a pause in productivity.


Increasing employee productivity

Orases introduced a Case Management System (CMS) to Service Coordination’s workflow. This system gave them their own database with total control to track information and improve care, instead of using the state’s system with basic functionality. The new system allows SCI to customize employee reports and treatment plans in a more robust manner than the state’s system would allow. Most importantly, the new system integrates seamlessly with the state’s system, allowing SCI to send progress notes, individual plans, and employee time tracking directly to administrators at the state level. Orases also provided total data migration to the new program, which allowed SCI to bring all archived patient notes and employee files to the new system, with a data clean up that merged duplicate data. Along with the migration, Orases advised on more efficient data organization to streamline processes. With sensitive patient data, all information is HIPAA compliant, and with the new system, SCI can easily track employee efficiency, compliance, and success to better serve its patients.

New Features:

  • Personalize individual treatment plans
  • Collect more information about individuals to tailor care
  • Report builder — allow users to build their own data reports by choosing their own fields for individual reports
  • Time and attendance module — enter employee timesheets and automatically checks against progress reports to ensure accuracy, connects to SCI’s payroll system
  • Streamlined data, easier to use, faster, compatible with state using web services

Site Specs

  • Custom Programming
  • 24Watch® Business Suite
  • Bootstrap Open Source
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • PHP
  • Responsive
  • MySQL


Investing in the community we serve

Within the first year of implementing the new CMS, SCI was able to reduce deficits by 50%, and completely eliminate them in just three years. Because of SCI’s improved efficiency, it has accepted new government contracts and was able to hire more employees to increase production. Individuals choose SCI over competing organizations because their care is more personalized and not as institutional, something that wouldn’t be possible without the new CMS. Most importantly, Orases did all of this within the state’s tight deadline using agile methodology, and continues to help SCI prioritize ongoing development to improve the organization.