Therrien Waddell Website


with Orases

Therrien Waddell Partners with Orases on New Website 

Capitalizing on a company’s values.

Therrien Waddell (TW) is a high-quality commercial construction management company in Maryland. The company was one of the early adopters of sustainable construction in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore metro region. As industry-leaders, they are committed to developing cleaner and better communities, and put a large focus on their company culture and developing talented employees with shared values.


Bridging the gap

The biggest problem with Therrien Waddell’s original website was that it didn’t match the company’s culture, creating a disconnect between the reality of the company and how it was perceived. TW was built on standards of sustainability, integrity, and expertise, and their site just didn’t showcase that. Additionally, the portfolio on the old site was outdated and was cumbersome to update. They weren’t able to showcase the magnitude of projects they worked on, and weren’t attracting the right talent because of the lack of company culture on the website. They were looking for a company that they could trust to become their partners during this process.


Building partnerships for life

The first step in this process was defining the company’s brand and messaging. Orases worked with TW to find the best way to tell their story and communicate that story through their brand. From there, Orases developed brand guidelines and a strategic direction for the website’s design. They also worked with niche writers in the construction industry to develop the writing style that would best speak to the organization’s many different audiences—builders, subcontractors, stakeholders, employees, and potential partners.

Orases also developed a more comprehensive portfolio module for the new site, to better showcase TW’s projects. This portfolio highlights what the project is and how it progressed from start to finish, has space for large pictures to visually show the project, and even gives users the option to download a pdf tearsheet of the project that outlines the size, challenge, and solution for the project. The new site has an easy-to-use content management system, so TW can update the site at any time. The site launched with 40 portfolio pieces, but has the ability to hold an unlimited amount.


Great partnerships build great projects

In the end, Orases developed a new, modern site that better aligned with the company’s culture and abilities. One of the client’s goals was to grow their business by showcasing the work they’ve done, and since the launch of the site they have obtained more of the projects they wanted. With the addition of a careers module, TW is able to highlight their company culture and attract the right talent. Users can search for job postings and upload their resume on the site, which has increased applications and decreased the time it takes for office employees to collect resumes. Most importantly, Therrien Waddell now has a clear brand and defined messaging, which has allowed them to better position themselves as industry leaders and experts in their field.