A Culture of ONE

Nurturing A Diverse and Equal Team #BeBoldforChange

Orases was founded by two entrepreneurs from two diverse backgrounds. One a female and one a male. Together, they forged the values of a purpose-driven organization. One founder’s roots originated from several generations of citizens living in rural parts of the country. Their family was built on the American dream; using grit, blue collar jobs, pride and family values to succeed. With no money in their pocket, the other’s family came to the United States from overseas with only a passion for education and an opportunity to work in the United States. The family fought for better education and the right to the American dream. One’s family was looking for what the other’s founding family’s ancestors built.

At Orases, we value diversity and equality as highly as our work. Diversity allows us to see solutions from different points of view. Each team member’s heritage contributes to their uniqueness as an individual. As members of the Orases team, we are unique not just as individuals, but as solution architects for ourselves, our clients and our company. Each idea, solution, and question is respected and is equal to the next team member’s; regardless of title or role, gender, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof. We believe in a flat hierarchy in order to offer exceptional quality and create solutions that make the world more efficient.

Orases believes in a world of ONE. Diversity and equality are instilled as an overall value in our company culture. On March 8th, 2017 (International Women's Day) and every day, Orases promotes a company of ONE. We are living during a time in the U.S. where many who value equality are scared, uncertain or even frightened about the next day let alone the future Americans are creating for themselves and their families. At Orases, inclusion and respect are addressed in every action we take. It is not enough to march with a group, wear a color, share personal beliefs, or even write a letter to those of power to spark change. Change is inspired at the lowest common denominator. Change starts with YOU and your actions.

These values and grit contribute to creating a culture that Orases employees believe in and show up to everyday with pride. This pride creates change in our work and more importantly in our world. We are being bold for change through our direct actions with each other, our vendors and our clients. However, our impact is shown most visibly through our collaboration on our client's projects.  

So how does a small company of 19 in rural Frederick drive change? Our culture embraces our employees’ passions. As a team, we do everything we can to nurture and grow the positive values associated with their passions. From topics such as gender, race, culture, religion, lack of religion, exercise, healthy eating, group outings, civic groups, local families in need, theater and speaking events: you name it and we support it if represents positive change and a culture of ONE. We are creating a company that our founder’s parents would be proud of. We are continuously building upon their hard work and vision that was created during a time of uncertainty, much like the time we live in today. Be ONE, Be Proud and Support all those around you to flourish in diversity and equality. #BeBoldforChange