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BA/UX Architect Manager

Orases is currently seeking a manager for our User Experience Architect (UXA) department. Our UXA department is comprised of UXA’s, Business Analysts (BA) and Quality Assurance (QA) Testers. The UXA Manager will manage the growing department and also work independently on projects. The main goal of the department is to help our clients solve complex business problems by defining custom, quality digital products.

The department independently runs a project’s discovery process and creates the required deliverables to document discovery findings in a modified agile environment for custom software applications. The main deliverable of the discovery process is a set of documents written by the UXA or BA to illustrate the solution to the client as well as serve as the blueprint for what to build by the development team. 

The candidate should have a minimum of 10 years experience in UX/BA and be well versed in managing team members of all levels in a growing department that strives for scalability and efficiency. Experience in managing 3 or more direct reports is a plus. The candidate should be an expert in creating documentation/deliverables for custom software applications in an agile environment for use by developers and client approvals - experience moving from traditional waterfall to agile a plus.

Within projects the UXA can fill many roles at Orases that will vary from project to project depending on the client's needs. The UXA Manager candidate should have a passion for, or willingness to embrace the following roles:

  • Information Architect: define system organization and navigation, determine project and product vocabulary, labeling system navigation and controls, determine the hierarchy of information on specific screens, etc.

  • Business Analyst: help define the product goals and objectives; define business rules as they relate to/impact the client's product; learn a client's business and help define more efficient processes that can be automated by the client's product; etc.

  • User Experience Researcher/Advocate: define user types and actions; knowledgeable about user centric design principles and best practices; be a constant advocate for the end user; plan and conduct user research and testing; etc.

  • Quality Assurance Tester: ensure a product meets expected results verified by discovery deliverables, ensure product output adheres to approved design and works, perform browser and device testing on product, clearly and concisely communicate issues, create and execute test plans, etc.

  • User Interface Designer: determine best interface that meets user needs and business requirements as efficiently as possible; work with design systems/templates to create prototypes and wireframes; assist graphic designers in creating site designs that meet requirements and serve users; etc.

The UXA should also have the following skills/mindsets:

  • Great Listener: you will be interviewing stakeholders and users from all types of businesses to learn about their organization and how we can help them. These communications become the basis for what we will build and it's important to be a great listener.

  • A Clear Communicator: you will need to be a clear communicator, whether it's in writing (e.g. project briefs, requirements, microcopy, Basecamp messages), in person, or via the deliverables you create (e.g. wireframes, workflows) to demonstrate the proposed solutions. You must be comfortable presenting to stakeholders and internal team members. Always setting the right context for what you are presenting and using storytelling techniques are key elements to a successful UXA.

  • Problem Solver: you are able to come up with solutions that meet the user's needs, client’s business rules, conform to technical constraints or external requirements, and are within the client's timeline and budget.

  • Autodidact: you’re always wanting to learn and refine your craft. Orases provides opportunities for training and learning, but a UXA can’t always wait for the next training and must also keep up with current industry standards for UX and technology on their own.

  • Optimistic: you are an optimistic person who looks forward to the challenge of a project. Our team looks to the UXAs to guide the way even when it can be a bit murky.

  • Autonomous: Orases values autonomy in all our team members and the UXA is no exception. UXAs often work as the only architect on projects along with a cross functional team. So as a UXA you will have discretion on how best to solve a client's problems and how to present these solutions within your estimate, timeline, and general guidelines of the UX team.

  • Great team member:  you will work closely with our business development (BD), digital project managers and developers to create great products for our clients plus support the BD, development and QA teams as the product moves from sales through launch. Some projects may also require you to work with other UXAs; splitting work and collaborating on a cohesive solution as needed.

The UXA team uses a combination of tools to perform our jobs, but the tool set is less important than the intangibles listed above. We feel like you can always learn how to use new tools, so if you meet most of the above requirements, but don't know what “Moqups” is we'd still love to hear from you.

  • Prototyping/Wireframing tools such as Moqups, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, InVision, or Figma

  • Diagramming tools like, Visio, or Whimisical

  • We use Google Suite for our day to day work (Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs/Sheets, etc.)

  • Browser Stack, Redmine, and our own testing devices for quality assurance and issue tracking

  • Basecamp for client communication

  • A large variety of tools for user research and testing

This is a full-time, on-site position. Orases is accepting only accepting applications from those candidates that are currently authorized to work on-site in the USA.

Note: this description is intended to give you a general overview of the position and is not an exhaustive listing of duties and responsibilities.

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