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Certifications with Orases

Green Plaque Validates Certifications with Orases

Making a complicated process simple.

Green Plaque is the exclusive provider of certification display plaques for LEED Certified buildings. Using recycled materials in all plaques and accessories, Green Plaque is dedicated to the highest standards of design, fabrication, and distribution of Green products for the building industry.


Dedicated to high standards

As a new company, Green Plaque needed a website to sell its products. The site needed to contain a catalog of products, while also giving users the opportunity to customize their orders with engraving, framing, and more. Most importantly, Green Plaque had to ensure that only people with LEED certification could purchase the plaques. Additionally, the company may start selling other certification plaques in the future, and would need to be able to expand their products. For this reason, the company wanted to find a technology partner that could help them launch the initial site and help them continue to grow, while addressing strategy, implementation, and website management.


Streamlining processes

Orases worked closely with Green Plaque to launch a site that checked all the boxes. First, and most importantly, the site integrates with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) website to authenticate LEED certifications. Customers must enter their certification number to ensure that only those who have been awarded certification can purchase a plaque, and the site automatically references the USGBC site for confirmation. The Green Plaque site runs on Magento, an e-commerce platform that integrates a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into the software. This allows Green Plaque to add an unlimited number of products to the site, while also giving customers the opportunity to customize their product. Finally, the site is PCI compliant to securely accept credit cards, and is randomly audited by third party organizations to ensure compliancy.


Efficiency. Satisfaction. Success.

Since the launch of the new site, Orases has continued its partnership with Green Plaque, helping with strategy, security, compliance, and expansion. The site made a complex process look simple to the customers, resulting in a 90% customer satisfaction. With a 50% more efficient process, Green Plaque was able to cut overhead costs by nearly half. There is almost no possibility of errors with the new system, even with tens of thousands of users each year.